Baka Rangers

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Baka Rangers vs. The Shiny Master
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Welcome to the Baka Rangers .... a ridiculous parody of Power Rangers started by dusk. The Baka Rangers, a group of girls ( and one guy) have been chosen to fight for liberty, justice, and the freedom of all that is shiny. They also occasionally battle against their archrival, the Purple Nemesis and her assistants, ninjas and other people she meets at Evil Villain Cocktail parties.


The Baka Rangers live in some huge house in some unspecified town that looks suspiciously like a small town in Virginia. Their rivals live somewhere in a cave ... somewhere. We are here to have some cracktastic fun with the characters, their everyday lives, and ... well ... shiny things.

I don't ever want to have to fill out this section. Use your common sense, guys.


Kiiro (plonks) is your psychotic not-so-grammar-savvy mod. I'll leave this space for her put in stuff if she wants to go into detail about herself.
You can contact her by:
Email - ffpyro[at]yahoo.com
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Aoi (dusk) is your friendly mod who has no life. She is currently a junior in high school and loves pocky, drawing manga, Edward Elric, and hugs.
You can contact her by:
Email - cupcakesasuke[at]gmail.com
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Want to join the stupidity?

If you'd like to apply for this lame excuse for an RP type thing, then please see the application post. There are still characters open, so feel free!