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24 September 2006 @ 12:55 pm
Welcome to the official info post. This has background info on all the characters , and you may be interested in looking at it if you are applying for a character or are just really bored and need a good laugh. This section iis probably going to be pretty incomplete for a bit because loud_mouth88 has all the back stories and I'll need to borrow them from her. (*hint* *hint*)

Aka BakaCollapse )

Aoi BakaCollapse )

Kiiro BakaCollapse )

Kuro BakaCollapse )

Midori BakaCollapse )

Pinku BakaCollapse )


Purple NemesisCollapse )

Mango/Assistant #2Collapse )

Dr. AndersonCollapse )

Hair NinjaCollapse )

Assistant #3Collapse )

Super TrooperCollapse )

Magic HippoCollapse )
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